Retail First Pack

retailers kit

by Terrabrush

Rs. 2,575.00 Rs. 3,219.00
Do you own a clinic or shop? Then this retailer's pack is just for you.

This unique pack consists a total of 45 pieces of bamboo toothbrushes.

This pack was created keeping in mind to clear any misconceptions. So that the brushes can be sold directly from our retail box.
Why not give it a try before the big decision.

What’s included :

1. This exclusive pack consists of 35 (20 black bristles and 15 white bristles) pieces of adult bamboo toothbrush and 6 (3 blue bristles and 3 pink bristles) pieces of kids bamboo toothbrush. You get a retailers margin of 20% from the actual MRP.

2. A thoughtfully designed retail box made from wood which is worth Rs.1500.

3. In addition to this there will be 4 kids brushes worth ₹396 free with this pack.


Price for 35 pieces of adult bamboo toothbrush and 6 pieces of kids bamboo toothbrush.

35*75= ₹2625
6*99 = ₹594

Total= ₹3219

Retailer's Markdown =20%

Final price that you pay ₹2575

You get our Brand Stand worth 1,500 & Four Kids Brushes worth Rs. 396 absolutely free!