Toothbrush : Bamboo Toothbrush

“I’m not taking this Oscar for granted.
Let us not take this planet for granted.”
- Leanardo Di Caprio (Oscar-winning speech, 2016)

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The planet we live on has been taken for granted since decades, and the outcome has resulted in a planet which is a product of plastic. Using plastic products is one significant reason for the man-made apocalypse and if we don’t act right away, our future generations will be left to live their lives amid plastic. A sustainable lifestyle is the only savior from the horrifying future and it is time to remove plastic from every slice of our lives.

It was not a long time back to see our oceans with pristine blue water and waves that brought only seashells to our feet. Today oceans bring floating elements of plastic to our shores, and this credit goes to humanity. Victor Vescovo, a retired US naval officer with his submarine, decided to dive into the deepest place on Earth, the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean only to find plastic at the depth of 35, 852 feet.

People wake-up talking about a sustainable lifestyle, but the first act they do every morning is to begin their day with the use of plastic. Over 99% the toothbrushes the world uses are plastic and the toothbrushes that are disposed after usage contribute to 45% of plastic trash in the oceans. TerraBrush has been started with a vision to reduce this percentage and replace Bamboo brushes in hands of the people in this world.

There are hundred reasons to throw away the plastic brush and use eco friendly toothbrush, but as a well wisher of you and this planet, TerraBrush brings you the striking 9 reasons, why you have to use our bamboo toothbrush.

 1. Dirt-cheap than the electric-toothbrush

Isn’t it wise to save some pennies and save the planet at the same time? When you pay for your plastic brush or electric brush, you also pay for the mechanical parts involved in its manufacturing process. Whereas, the cost of making a natural toothbrush is lesser than the polythene predators, so these natural products are available to you in a better economical price. Moreover, most brands are charging you for the design of their toothbrush, whereas the reality is brushing your teeth has nothing to do with the design of the toothbrush. A simple, economic bamboo brush is more effective than the so-advertised “360 degree flexible brushes” that rob your pocket and the health of this planet. The change starts from you. The more you buy, the less will be the economic cost of the production & higher the chance of brands offering products at a lower price.

 2. Bamboo Brush and You – A long lasting relationship

 Bamboo fibers are strong and durable by nature. A bamboo toothbrush lasts longer than any plastic toothbrush can ever stay in your closet. American Dental Association says that a plastic brush should be replaced once in every 3 months. When you choose to brush with terra, the need for you to buy a new brush once in every 3 months gets replaced with a longer lasting relationship. A Bamboo brush lasts longer than a plastic brush and it can be reused for multiple purposes. If you are already wondering where to buy a bamboo brush for yourself, one click here will take you to the exclusive collection of TerraBrush.

 3. Happy, Healthy and Chemical-free life

 A plastic brush is clearly a demon in your hand since it is made up of petroleum-derived chemical, polypropylene. While polypropylene is one of the major cancer-causing agents, the artificial colors used to dye a plastic toothbrush are even more dangerous. Reports from the FDA states that there is a high amount of chance for these chemicals to react with toothpaste and expose the users from minor harm like allergies to major harm like cancer. Using a wooden toothbrush makes your life not only happy, healthy and chemical-free but also teaches a couple of lessons to your next generation to care for our planet.

 4. Bamboo – The most renewable resource

 It is a utopian thought - in case everyone uses organic toothbrush, all the environmental problems will cease to exist. But making wooden toothbrushes will bring new problems like the manufacturers intending to cut trees in the forest to make wooden eco-friendly toothbrush. But when you choose a Bamboo Toothbrush, you can be sure doing good to this planet because bamboos are a great renewable resource, as it grows rapidly in many different environments, almost 3 feet a day.  You can buy a bamboo toothbrush with confidence, for that the wood used to make your toothbrush has not been made by demolishing rain forests or tropical woods. You make a wholesome contribution to nature with just the way you brush!

 5. As good as your plastic brush 

Effectiveness of brushing is often thrown into a doubt-zone when it comes to replacing a plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. The reason is - many people see eco-friendly brushes as fragile and not effective to make their tooth white. But World Dental and Oral Health Congress have been insisting that most plastic toothbrushes are aggressive on the tooth. Isn’t this a blow for your healthy teeth as well as your healthy planet? On the contrary, bamboo brushes use gentle bristles made of natural fibers for the brush head. Brushing with gentle round motion cleanse your tooth as well as nourish your gums.  If this truth is exciting you, buy bamboo toothbrush on wholesale for round the year use and get it delivered to you and your family by Terra Brush.

 6. Bamboo comes from earth and goes back to earth

In India, about 1 million toothbrushes are dumped in landfills every year and more than one million toothbrush ends up in water bodies like oceans, rivers, and ponds. Once you throw your plastic brush, the journey of your toothbrush is either set to swim through the ocean currents or rest eternally under the soil. Every toothbrush ever made in the 1930s, still exist on Earth.  Recycling of plastic is an impractical process as every year new plastic toothbrushes are manufactured. But a bamboo brush when thrown into water bodies or landfills, they decompose quicker than carbon atoms. They are eco-friendly, easy to decompose and re-usable.

 7. Brushing with Bamboo unites you with nature

 It is ironical to see the most evolved species of this planet waking up every morning and rubbing plastic on their tooth. A plastic brush contains millions of plastic micro particles; hence it is almost a process of rubbing chemicals on your tooth. Before the invention of toothbrush and toothpaste, our ancestors used clothes or twigs to rub salt or chalk powder across their tooth. There is no need for you to search for a twig or chalk powder now. The bamboo toothbrush manufacturers are uniting your lifestyle with nature again by bringing you the most natural element to brush. Brushing with bamboo unites us to the league of our ancestors. It is high time to depend our lives on nature because nature is the most sacred healer. 

8. Bamboos are a natural anti-bacterial 

It is a surprise for most people to know that bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ever wondered the reason behind excessive use of bamboo by Chinese?  Bamboo tubes and roots are even used in traditional Chinese medicines. The medical properties and natural resistance to bacteria and fungus make bamboo as an inevitable ingredient to make an organic plant-based toothbrush. When a toothbrush brings anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features, in an economic price with durable properties, choosing plastic toothbrush is an act of going into the desert without water. TerraBrush handpicks the best-designed toothbrushes for the customers. Follow us on Instagram for the best bamboo toothbrushes in India.

 9. Bamboo Toothbrush - A most meaningful choice

 The great changes this planet has ever witnessed has stemmed out from a little thought and little action. Your little thought today to avoid plastic by switching to a bamboo toothbrush would lead to a plastic-free world tomorrow. This choice not only makes your life more meaningful but also creates a habit that replaces other plastic products in your life with organic products. This eventually impacts the people around you, which eventually impact the world for better. This is the beginning of creating a plastic-free world. It is important for every human to leave a positive mark on this planet and this change will be the first step for creating your positive mark on this planet.

 Opt for the change by using the natural bamboo toothbrushes from TerraBrush. This is more than a business for us. This is a scope and a hope to bring a positive change in your life. Visit our website to buy bamboo toothbrush online for you and your family. Begin your journey towards a sustainable future with TerraBrush.